What’s safe and what is not during pregnancy

It’s 9pm and you’re craving salami and crackers. But, you’ve heard the rumours about pregnancy and what not to eat. You’re pretty sure salami was on the list. But still, you wonder: are some foods, really pregnancy hazards? Or, just old wives tales.

During pregnancy, your immune system doesn’t function as well as it normally does. The result? You’re more susceptible to germs responsible for food poisoning…a bad problem to have during pregnancy. But here comes the good news. You can avoid high-risk foods without giving up everything. Read on for a breakdown of foods and pregnancy safety.

Cheese, Eggs and Milk

You love soft cheeses: like ricotta, feta and brie. But, can you indulge in these yummy cheeses while pregnant? Unfortunately, you can’t. Skip all soft cheeses, including camembert and blue cheese. But, don’t worry. Once your baby comes, you can stock your fridge full of soft cheeses…and eat away! Plus, you can still eat eggs during pregnancy. Just avoid eating undercooked eggs.

But what about milk…is that safe? Yes. As long as it’s pasteurized. Unpasteurized milk is more likely to carry bacteria linked to food poisoning. Plus, you can still have ice cream! Just skip homemade ice cream and gelati.

Meat and Chicken

It’s dinner time and you’re craving a big steak. Is it safe for baby? Meat products, like steak are usually fine to eat during pregnancy. But, here’s the fine print. Make sure meat is cooked thoroughly and doesn’t have pink or red juices leaking from the meat. And avoid all cured meat products, like salami. They carry higher risk for food poisoning. If you enjoy a meat sandwich with sprouts, hold off. Bean sprouts carry higher risk of salmonella.

What about chicken? Does it get a spot on the “safe” list? For the most part, yes. But here’s what to avoid. Don’t eat chicken that is cooked…then served cold. Like the chicken you get at a salad bar.


Have you heard that seafood is a big NO during pregnancy? Good news. It’s only half way true. It’s alright to eat fish two to three times a week, like mackerel and salmon. But, if you’re eating a fish known for high mercury levels, like shark, swordfish or marlin…eat it only once weekly.

But what about the sushi bar? Can you still indulge in a little pregnancy sushi? Raw fish, like sushi, should be avoided during pregnancy. Sorry ladies. But, it’s only 9 months…than eat as much sushi as you like!

Preparing Food Safely

Do you love to cook? Good. Keep doing it. But when you’re pregnant, be a little more careful. Follow strict food hygiene guidelines, like washing your hands thoroughly after handling raw food. And keeping utensils and surfaces clean. Also, be diligent about using separate utilizes for meat you’re handling raw and cooked meat. And always follow storage instructions carefully. A little pregnancy safety will keep your body and baby healthy during pregnancy.

What’s your favourite good during pregnancy? Please share!

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