Becoming a Babysteals Supplier

If you have the goods, we’ve got the buyers!

We wanted to create a space where our customers can get everything they need and to connect with other parents from the comfort of home. So we got to work to find a way to make it happen, and voila—BabySteals was, well…born!  

Our engaged and active subscriber base is hungry for baby gear-- clothes, toys and other baby-related products-- so we offer great exposure to buyers ready to purchase from you!

Why work with BabySteals? 

At BabySteals, we offer brands and suppliers who meet our standards for quality and service:

  • An audience that is actively looking for your products and ready to buy
  • An easy way to sell overstock, seasonal, end-of-line or discontinued items
  • A platform that encourages social sharing of your products to broaden your marketing reach and increase sales
  • Feedback (written and video) from actual customers who have purchased and used your products, that you can use to publicise and/or improve your product offering
  • A partner in building and publicising a brand known for quality and superior service
  • The opportunity to be listed on our website as a Featured Brand if customer feedback about your products and customer service sets you apart from other products and suppliers

What are the requirements to become a BabySteals supplier?

At BabySteals, our customers want:

  • QUALITY - products that are built to last, solidly constructed from  quality materials
  • SAFETY - products tested and proven to be safe under the latest baby safety standards
  • ACCOUNTABILITY - manufacturers that stand behind their products, guaranteeing quality and providing responsive customer service if ever there is a problem
  • VALUE - all of the above at a great price

We offer our customers our unique 365 Satisfaction Guarantee:

  • ONE YEAR to return anything for merchandise credit
  • ONE YEAR manufacturer’s warranty against defects
  • We pay for return shipping

We also require all brands/suppliers earn customer feedback of at least 4 stars for product quality and service from 90% of purchasers on an ongoing basis to continue to be included on our list of brands/suppliers.

If you are dedicated to providing quality products and superior service, and are willing to meet the terms of our guarantee on all sales to our customers, we would love to hear from you and possibly feature your products as our next steal!

Please contact us today if you think you have what it takes to be a BabySteals supplier, and we will send you a Supplier Application. 

Your buyers are waiting!

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