Announcing The Top 10 Baby Shower Gifts

So, you have been invited to a baby shower? It’s an exciting experience to be involved in the birth of a child, whether it’s a family member or a close friend. What should you get for the expectant mum? What does she need? First, you’ll need to see if she has a baby shower gift registry. If she does you’ll find information for it in your invitation. If not, you can ask her what she needs. If that doesn’t help you can see what you can get from this list of the top 10 baby shower gifts. Take her breath away and wow the crowd with your incredible gift. Making a gift basket yourself is always a great way to show you care and put some thought into the present.

1. Baby Hamper

A hamper just for baby is a great gift. Often baby’s skin is more sensitive than ours, so washing with a different detergent such as Dreft is important. Buy a cute baby hamper and add some essentials inside it such as some Dreft laundry detergent, hangers, onesies, and any other clothes mum-to-be may need. She’ll appreciate the thought!

2. Baby Monitor

As mums we are always nervous about our baby’s safety. Help her with a baby shower gift that will make her feel more secure. A baby monitor with a screen will allow mum to see and hear her baby, which will comfort her for years to follow.

3. Front Carrier

A front carrier allows mum to have both hands even when baby wants to be held. She can continue doing a million things at once all while holding baby. We are all supermums after all.

4. Bedding

This item is often overlooked by other baby shower goers. Babies are messy, especially when asleep, so extra bedding helps! All baby needs is a fitted sheet. There are countless cute designs out there to choose from.

5. Activity Gym

Activity gyms are great baby shower gifts that will help stimulate baby’s brain and help her physical development.

6. Book Collection

A starter book collection for baby is something no one ever thinks of. Baby isn’t going to come out of the womb reading, but mum can read to her. Grab some baby classics such as Goodnight Moon, as well as some board books.

7. Travel Kit

Put together a travel kit. Getting out the door will be much more difficult with a baby in tow. Grab a nappy bag (if she already has one, don’t worry, she’ll need more than one!) and fill it with travel necessities. Include nappies, wipes, bottles, formula, toys, a change of clothes, a pacifier, and a t-shirt for mum.

8. Sleepy Kit

As mums we have spent endless nights trying to get baby to go to sleep! Is she hungry, need to be changed, bored…what is it? Help your mum-to-be survive these stressful nights with a basket full of soothing things. Include lullaby music, a night-light, a soft blanket, a mobile, and a sound machine. Hopefully something will help baby sleep.

9. Necessities Kit

Put together a kit of necessities for baby. This should include nappies, bottles, a bottle brush, nipples, wipes, burping cloths, bath towels, onesies, and anything else you can think of that baby will absolutely need.

10. Ready Made Dinners

Dinnertime will never be the same. Baby’s crying, dad’s just getting home from work, mum’s stressed from the day, and the last thing they are thinking about is making a meal. Make a week’s worth of meals that mum can freeze and warm up each day. She’ll love the ease of heating up a home-cooked meal.

These baby shower gift ideas should help you create a one of a kind gift that will make mum happy. A baby hamper is number one because it is so often overlooked, but it is something she will need! Enjoy the experience of the baby shower and all that is to come.

Have you been to a baby shower before? What did you buy? Comment! If you are going to have a baby shower, what do you want to receive?

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